Gary Tamkin

A criminal defense lawyer with fifteen years experience at the Nashville public defender’s office.  He is a successful defense attorney who has handled thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases.

Gary Tamkin is known as a hard-working and skillful lawyer who fights for all of his clients, no matter what charges they are facing.  He is recognized in the legal community as a lawyer who knows how to negotiate the best results for his clients.  He is also known as an accomplished trial lawyer who has won many jury trials.

Mr. Tamkin has earned the respect of lawyers, prosecutors, and judges.  He has also earned the respect of his clients.

Gary Tamkin has represented many clients on serious, high-profile cases, but on a daily basis, he is seen in the courtroom, negotiating with prosecutors, advocating for his clients in front of judges and juries, and fighting passionately to get the best results he can.

He has successfully represented clients facing all kinds of criminal charges, including theft and shoplifting, driving charges, DUI, domestic assault and aggravated assault, drug possession, marijuana cases, drug sales, criminal impersonation, ID fraud, criminal trespass, patronizing prostitution, sexual charges, child abuse charges, burglary, robbery and homicide.


Gary Tamkin is a lawyer you can trust.